Release Notes#

v2.4.0: Minigrid 2.4.0#

Released on 2024-01-27 - GitHub - PyPI

Minigrid 2.4.0 Release Notes

In this release, we added new procedurally generated environments using the wave function collapse environment, the original BabyAI bot, and dynamically determined highlighting in RGBImgObsWrapper.

New Features


This release includes contributions from @ thesofakillers, @pseudo-rnd-thoughts, @BolunDai0216, @mansicer, @JupiLogy, @AdamJelley, @timoklein, @jysdoran, @mschweizer, and @Camel-light.

v2.3.1: Minigrid 2.3.1#

Released on 2023-07-22 - GitHub - PyPI

Minigrid 2.3.1 Release Notes

This release includes two new features:

  • Added a new wrapper that prevents death in states like obstacles or lava, and gives an optional negative reward instead by @sparisi in #374
  • Added a tutorial on how to train RL agent on Minigrid environments by @BolunDai0216 in #379


This release includes contributions from: @mgoulao, @ertsiger, @BolunDai0216, @sparisi, @elliottower.

v2.3.0: Minigrid 2.3.0#

Released on 2023-06-09 - GitHub - PyPI

Minigrid 2.3.0 Release notes

New release with a couple of small changes that shouldn't affect users along with a new tutorial and python 3.11 support. Let us know if anything new breaks

Breaking changes

  • Fix unintended observation space "image" size change in DictObservationWrapper by @jbloomAus in #345
  • Fix assertion error message in Grid.set() by @drmeerkat in #347

New Features

Documentation changes

  • Update home page to use new style, add view code sphinx extension, update copyright and improve SEO by @mgoulao in #352
  • Adds DEIR: Efficient and Robust Exploration through Discriminative-Model-Based Episodic Intrinsic Rewards (U-Tokyo, Google Brain, IJCAI 2023) in publications by @alpc104 in #350
  • Adds "Minimal Value-Equivalent Partial Models for Scalable and Robust Planning in Lifelong Reinforcement Learning" by Alver and Precup, CoLLAs 2023 to publications by @alversafa in #359

Full Changelog: v2.2.1...v2.3.0

v2.2.1: Minigrid 2.2.1#

Released on 2023-03-27 - GitHub - PyPI

Minigrid 2.2.1 Release Notes

This release is a minor bugfix:

v2.2.0: Minigrid 2.2.0: added Pygame rendering support, fixed bug in wrappers and environments#

Released on 2023-03-23 - GitHub - PyPI

Minigrid 2.2.0 Release Notes

In this release, we added support for rendering using Pygame, which improves the previously Matplotlib-based rendering procedure, this is a breaking change that removes minigrid.utils.window.Window. A bug in the SymbolicObsWrapper that results in the wrong observation has been fixed. An error in the documentation regarding the reward function has been corrected. The ObstructedMaze environments are now ensured to be solvable. The class minigrid_env.MiniGridEnv.Actions is removed since it is the same as minigrid.core.actions.Actions.

Bug Fixes and Documentation Updates

  • For the MiniGrid-DoorKey-6x6-v0 environment, a hidden variable determining the size was wrong at 5x5, this is updated to 6x6.
  • Since the class minigrid_env.MiniGridEnv.Actions is the same as minigrid.core.actions.Actions, to make the codebase cleaner, we have deleted the class minigrid_env.MiniGridEnv.Actions. This is a breaking change. For any code that relies on minigrid_env.MiniGridEnv.Actions, you can simply replace it with minigrid.core.actions.Actions.
  • In SymbolicObsWrapper, the grid that records the content of each tile is formatted as [x, y, item], which corresponds to [col, row, item], this causes a mismatch in the observation. This mismatch is now resolved.
  • The documentation for the rewards has previously incorrectly stated that the reward is 1 when the environment is solved, while it is actually 1 - 0.9 * (step_count / max_steps). Additionally, in GoToObjectEnv, there was an error in detecting whether the agent is next to the target. These issues have now been resolved.
  • Previously Minigrid relied on a Matplotlib-based rendering backend. We have added a Pygame-based rendering backend that is faster and more consistent with other Farama libraries. As a result, minigrid.utils.window.Window has been removed.
  • In the ObstructedMaze environments, the blocking ball placed by add_door may cover the box placed on the map by the previous add_door, causing the agent to be unable to open certain doors and complete the task. We have updated several of the ObstructedMaze environments to be always solvable and are registered as v1 versions of the environment.

v2.1.1: Version 2.1.1#

Released on 2023-02-27 - GitHub - PyPI

Bug Fixes and Documentation Updates

Full Changelog: v2.1.0...v2.1.1

v2.1.0: Version 2.1.0#

Released on 2022-11-13 - GitHub - PyPI

What's Changed

Type Hinting

  • Add type hint to core API. @arjun-kg
  • Improve type hint in MinigridEnv @micimize
  • Add py.typed marker to use minigrid's type annotations in external tooling such as mypy

New Publications

v2.0.0: Version 2.0.0#

Released on 2022-09-28 - GitHub - PyPI

This release transitions the repository dependency from gym to gymnasium. gymnasium is a fork of OpenAI's Gym library by the maintainers, and is where future maintenance will occur going forward.

What's Changed

  • Migration from gym to gymnasium v0.26. @rodrigodelazcano
  • Package name change from gym_minigrid to minigrid. @rodrigodelazcano
  • Change file structure for better comprehension. @pseudo-rnd-thoughts . The new file structure looks as follows:
    • Divide into sub-files for easier comprehension and keep them under core directory:
      • class structure with the actions encodings
      • constants in the environments such as object colors
      • the grid class
      • the mission space implementation
      • class for environments with rooms
      • world_object: object classes (Wall, Ball, Goal, Floor, ...)
    • New utils directory for rendering files and
  • Add automatic doc generation for website, available at @SiddarGu

Minor Changes

V1.2.2: Version 1.2.2#

Released on 2022-09-15 - GitHub - PyPI

Deprecated package naming (gym_minigrid -> minigrid)

The PyPi package name for this repository will be changed in future releases and integration with Gymnasium. The new name will be minigrid and installation will be done with pip install minigrid instead of pip install gym_minigrid.

This release adds a deprecation warning when importing or installing gym_minigrid.

v1.2.1: Version 1.2.1#

Released on 2022-09-11 - GitHub - PyPI

Bug Fix

  • Fix #232. Removed new_step_api=True argument in Latest 1.2.0 MiniGrid release is not backward compatible with gym releases previous to v0.26. Thus every minigrid environment has a hard constraint on using new step API and the option to set the argument new_step_api=True in the environments was removed. @rodrigodelazcano

v1.2.0: Version 1.2.0#

Released on 2022-09-09 - GitHub - PyPI

Release notes for v1.2.0

The changes in this release allow for compatibility with the latest Gym release v0.26. For more information on the API changes in Gym v0.26 see the release notes in

Previous Gym versions such as v0.22, v0.23, v0.24, and v0.25 are no longer compatible.

The aim of this version is primarily bug fixing, if you find that this does not work, please make an issue or put a message on the Gym discord server in the gym-minigrid channel (

If you are interested in working on gym-minigrid then message PseudoRnd or Rodridelaz on discord.

Major Changes

  • Support of new step API. The Env.step function returns 5 values instead of 4 previously (observations, reward, termination, truncation, info). . @saleml
  • Support of new reset API. The Env.reset function returns two values (obs and info). @rodrigodelazcano
  • Support of new rendering API. More information about the rendering API can be found in this blog post @rodrigodelazcano
  • Add new test files for, and under

Minor Changes

v1.1.0: Version 1.1.0 #

Released on 2022-08-10 - GitHub - PyPI

This release is compatible with Gym versions, v0.22, v0.23, v0.24 and v0.25.
Incompatible Gym version with v0.21 due to Env.reset(seed)

The aim of this version is primarily bug fixing, if you find that this does not work, please make an issue or put a message on the Gym discord server in the gym-minigrid channel (

If you are interested in working on gym-minigrid then message me on discord, PseudoRnd


  • Removes compatibility with python 3.6 due to python foundation no longer supporting it @rodrigodelazcano
  • Moved and to gym_minigrid folder @rodrigodelazcano
  • Added MissionSpace that is similar to the Gym Text space to specify the space for all environments @rodrigodelazcano
  • Fixed and to work @rodrigodelazcano
  • Updated the metadata keys of environment “render.mode” to “render_mode” and “render.fps” to “render_fps” @saleml #194
  • Fixed the wrappers that updated the environment observation space rather than the wrapper observation space @saleml #194
  • Added wrapper DictObservationSpaceWrapper for changing the mission text to an embedding array. @saleml #194
  • Added support for setting a custom max_steps value in door key environment @zeionara #193
  • Removed all cases of from XYZ import * and from .XYZ import ABC in favor of absolute imports. This could cause issues for users that use from gym_minigrid import * @pseudo-rnd-thoughts #201
  • Rename environments and files for consistency and removed unnecessary environment classes in favor of kwargs in gym.make @pseudo-rnd-thoughts #202
    • BlockedUnlockPickup -> BlockedUnlockPickupEnv
    • KeyCorridor -> KeyCorridorEnv
    • LockedRoom -> LockedRoomEnv and Room -> LockedRoom (this is as multiroom also contains a Room to prevent conflict changed both of their names)
    • Room -> MultiRoom in
    • -> playground and PlaygroundV0 -> PlaygroundEnv
    • Unlock -> UnlockEnv
    • UnlockPickup -> UnlockPickupEnv
  • Added minimal type checking with pyright @rodrigodelazcano
  • Register environments with entrypoint @rodrigodelazcano
# Old
import gym_minigrid
import gym
env = gym.make('MiniGrid-PutNear-6x6-N2-v0')
# or
import gym
env = gym.make('gym_minigrid:MiniGrid-PutNear-6x6-N2-v0')
# New
import gym
env = gym.make('MiniGrid-PutNear-6x6-N2-v0')
  • Fixed FlatObsWrapper to contain “,” and increase the numCharCodes=28 @saleml #207